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About Ofallon ALS

With Us the Grass is Greener

The ALS Team is dedicated to making your lawn the best it can be and in turn ensuring that you are as pleased as you can be. We provide the highest quality service and products to ensure your satisfaction is always priority number one. Please feel free to browse our site, contact us to receive your FREE estimate or use our helpful information to help you maintain that beautiful lawn your neighbors will swoon over. We look forward to helping you with all of your landscaping and maintenance needs.


A lawn that is well kept and maintained throughout the season plays a significant role in any home owner’s life. It helps to increase the value of any home as well as making the home more eye catching to all that pass by consistently.

The essential key for any immaculate lawn is consistency in lawn care, such as mowing, mulching and seeding. Most owners find, however, that maintaining this type of consistent lawn care can be time consuming and often choose not to go through with it.



Third year using ALS..........reasonable...I like it that Jason answers his phone when I call him.

Ed. S.



Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced

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